Appendix A: Draft pilot Sectoral Action plan: National Forestry sample information

1. Target

Identify issues: Characterise Catchments to Identify the Problems

2. Plan

Planning Activities

KPI: Policy and programmes in place

3. Act

Implementing Body Activities

KPI: Delivery mechanism for measures

4. Do

Take Action on Farm

KPI: Spatial Data for what happened

5. Report

Monitor progress and water quality outcomes achieved

KPI: Environmental Outcomes


Physical alteration - 122 waterbodies

Hyrological alteration - 17 waterbodies

#48 Improvements to the licence applications process
#49 Appropropriate setbacks with restructuring
#50 Appropriate setbacks with afforestation
#51 Schemes with direct benefits to water
#52 Woodland creation on public lands
#53 Woodland for water scheme rollout
(197 WB's in Cycle 3 AfA)   Reduced physical alteration
Nutrient pollution - 112 waterbodies #54 Address all incidents
#55 Engage in the WFD governance structures
#56 Deliver training to practitioners

Targeted enforcement
Implement risk-based WQ enforcement   Reduced nutrient losses to water
Forestry Pressure on High-Status Waters - 52 Waterbodies  Co-operation projects?   Spatial data of interception measures with dates and details of actions. Reduced physical alteration and nutrient/sediment losses to water
Sediment - 48 Waterbodies       Reduced nutrient losses to water
Acidification - 10 Waterbodies       Improved monitoring data
Pesticides - 5 Waterbodies Drinking water source protection regs
Focused awareness campaigns
Local implementation. LA report actions through WFD structures Reduced exceedances in monitoring data



Step is fully established. Step is established and data is pending. Step is still in development or requires advancement to achieve water quality outcomes. Step is not well developed or is impeded. Urgent action is required to achieve water quality outcomes.